Robert Trivers


  • Genes in Conflict: The biology of selfish genetic elements (with Austin Burt)
  • Natural Selection and Social Theory: Selected papers of Robert Trivers
  • Social Evolution
  • Deceit and Self-Deception
  • Wild Life: Adventures of an evolutionary biologist


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Robert  Trivers  – Recent Advances in Human Evolutionary Genetics


Robert Trivers – The Logic and Role of Deceit and Self-Deceit in Human Life


Robert Trivers – An Evening on Evolutionary Biology: An overview covering feminism, transgender, homosexuality and honor killings


Robert Trivers – The Evolutionary Genetics of Honor Killings


Robert Trivers – Evolutionary Theory and Human Nature


Robert Trivers – Mathematical Approaches to Problems in Evolutionary Social Theory




Robert Trivers Interview by/for Universität Würzburg





Robert Trivers in Conversation with Noam Chomsky – Deceit and Self-Deception


Robert Trivers – Evolutionary Science, Family Structures and Human Rights


Robert Trivers – Talk at University of Regina


Robert Trivers – Remembering Darwin 


Robert Trivers – The Folly of Fools


Robert Trivers – Why Do We Deceive Ourselves?


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